Semi portable chicken coop Project #07

There are lots of ways to design and build a good chicken coop. And there are lots of ways to do it poorly. My design combines some of both. I’m  including a video and some drawings. No step by step instructions with this one. Enjoy.  

chicken house sloping roof 4x8m

Upcoming videos and projects

I’m working on getting some videos up showing my hugelkulture/swale project, a double barrel charcoal retort kiln, a new paddock shift system for my flock of 100 or so layers and meat chickens, a small chicken house for up to 10 chickens, a new brooder house, planting the vertical garden […]

Soaking grain for chickens | Weekly Project #06

Alternative feed for chickens There is a lot of discussion ongoing about getting away from commercial bagged feed, soaking feed for chickens, producing sprouts, fodder, and so on. Even for those of us who love these sorts of discussion, it can get overwhelming. Soaking grain for chickens easier than sprouting […]

Chickens fed sprouts

Chainsaw lumber beams

Chainsaw Lumber Freehand | Weekly Project #05

Chainsaw lumber freehand Chainsaw lumber with just a freehand chainsaw! No milling attachment, no guide! Equipment The first video shows equipment I will be using to chainsaw lumber freehand (beams in this case) as well as a brief discussion of the Mini Mill and the Granberg Alaska Mill. The second […]

When will we figure out this biochar thing?

I’ve been experimenting with making charcoal for biochar applications including making a couple of TLUD top loading updraft kilns. I’m also planning to try a double barrel retort as soon as I can come up with a 30 gallon barrel. These projects are interesting, but there are a lot of […]


Small scale production and backyard orchards

I still recall a local orchard a mile or two down the road from here. As a school child I went there on a field trip. I drank their cider. I ate their apples. I still recall the couple who owned and operated the orchard. I still wish I could […]

Review of Geoff Lawton’s compost chicken tractor video

First of all, for those of you who haven’t been getting Geoff Lawton’s permaculture weekly videos, you have been missing out. Go on over to and sign up to get his videos. His last video was about a compost chicken tractor system he developed using 28 chickens in a […]

Biochar charcoal kiln

Biochar Charcoal kiln | Weekly project #04

Biochar is charcoal intended for use as a soil conditioner. There are evidences of biochar in soils around the world including the midwest US and (famously) the Terra Preta soils of the Amazon. Easily dismissed as legends and fables, the reality is there are some really special qualities biochar has […]

Chicken coop compost project

I’m starting a new project with the goal of getting my flock of 100-150 layers off commercial bagged chicken feed. I want to work towards a more natural alternative chicken feed. Although I need to keep my costs down, the real goal is better eggs and meat, not saving money, […]

Hoop house winter chicken coop

Recycled barrel vertical garden patio planter

Recycled barrel vertical garden | Weekly project #03

Vertical gardening is one of the most space-efficient ways to grow. It can also be a work-around poor soil, landlord and property restrictions, and a number of other issues. But more than just a way to solve garden problems, it offers a number of unique advantages including easier access for […]